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Terras provide design for residential spaces, including gardens, courtyards, rural homes, rooftop gardens, pool areas, and high-quality custom environments tailored for modern living. We understand the deeply personal nature of residential design, recognizing that these spaces are where individuals make their homes.

Our approach involves catering to a diverse range of styles and preferences, ensuring that each design is a reflection of the unique tastes and lifestyle of our clients. For larger properties, meticulous planning is paramount to establish enduring themes, create well-defined spaces, and implement landscaping with carefully selected plants that will thrive and serve as distinctive features in the garden. We believe in the importance of long-term structural plantings to enhance the overall aesthetic and functionality of the outdoor space.

Residential design demands a blend of creative ideas, access to cutting-edge products and materials, diverse design styles, extensive plant knowledge, and a comprehensive understanding of construction possibilities. At Terras, we bring together these elements to transform your residential space into a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing environment that complements your lifestyle.

Garden Room

Garden Outdoor Living

Modern design for and outdoor garden space to enjoy comfortable outdoor living. Designed and constructed by Terras.

Garden Count

Private Courtyard Garden

Low maintenance style.

Feature Elements

Private Courtyard Garden

High level of design detail for small garden areas to create interesting liveable spaces with light and patterns changing throughout the day.

City Garden Court

Private Courtyard Garden

Internal spaces with visual features make this a pleasing internal courtyard area.


Outdoor Room

Gardens that create outdoor rooms and blend harmoniously with the architecture.


Modern Living Style

Front garden landscaping includes feature walls, lighting, fencing and raw materials to contrast with the clean lines of the residence.

Seaside Residence

Outdoor Entertaining

Extensive high quality garden designed to provide outdoor gardens, entertainment rooms and visitor accommodation.

Living Style

Creative Courtyard Spaces

Modern design style for an innner city residence.

Pool + Garden

Concept Presentation

A Small residential pool and garden area.

Rural Property

Masterplanned Concepts

Masterplanning for large acreage property to create distinctive zones forformal and informal gradens and recreation.

Light Boxes

Lighting For Effect

Image of lighting design and light box elements that form part of the landscape space.

Courtyard Spaces

Club Courtyard

Light well and open space courtyard within a commercial club.

Creative Design

Display Space

Viewed from all sides this space creates a display centre to this residence.

Hotel Courtyard

Openable Roof and Feature Walls

Internal courtyard with water wall, stone facing, hanging garden and trackable roof.


Presentation & Entry Statement

A completely new design to extensively update this heritage garden with new walls and steps provide the grand entry that this house deserves.

Golf Estate


Landscape concepts for golf course frontage.


Entertainment Spaces

Inside meets outside. Outdoor living spaces that seemlessley flow from inside to outside area.

Rural Landscape

Residential Concepts

Concept designs for a rural property that integrate the formal house design with the surrounding rural space.