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Terras Landscape architects are instrumental in shaping the serene and purposeful environments of aged care and retirement living projects. With a keen understanding of the unique needs of older adults, we design landscaped spaces that prioritize accessibility, safety, and a connection with nature. From serene gardens and walking paths to communal spaces fostering social interactions, we contribute to the overall well-being and quality of life for residents.

Our expertise in creating therapeutic and aesthetically pleasing landscapes enhances the living experience for seniors, providing spaces that promote relaxation, physical activity, and a sense of community. By blending functionality with thoughtful design, landscape architects play a crucial role in crafting environments that contribute to the happiness and fulfillment of individuals in their later years, fostering a sense of belonging and tranquility.

Eleebana Shores

Independent Living

Independent Living

Independent Living

A Range of Housing Types

New independent living provides a range of care housing and individual independent living housing.

Tinonee Aged Care


Passive courtyard areas for aged residents.

Outdoor Gardens

Gardens Play an Important Role

The external spaces and landscaped areas are a big part of the success in retirement living.

Salamander Care

Port Stephens

Extensive outdoor garden areas complement the natural setting for this facility.

CA Brown

Independent Living + High Care

Near Lake Macquarie this aged care provider has created a pleasing landscaped development with a ranges of care types.


The Multicultural Village

Recent new development has provided newer up to date facilities and accommodation for high and low care residents.


Aged Care Faclity

Images show the ourdoor stting and relaxation area and detailed landscape.


Internal Feature Courtyard Elements

Areas that provide visual relief and pleasing outlook from rooms.

CA Brown

Colourful Garden Designs

As people age they enjoy their gardens and flowers and small, colourful, maintainable spaces are needed.

Merewether Lodge

Courtyard Spaces

The enclosed garden courtyard in this high quality retirement living development provides a pleasant space to sit and relax.

Merewether Lodge

Rose Petal Shade Structure

Details of a custom designed shade structure to provide covered sitting areas of interest.

Garden Spaces

All Season Gardens

Detail of the spaces provided for Uniting Care.

Looking Gardens

Internal Gardens Courts

Located next to internal living rooms and dining spaces these court gardens provide a calming visual outlook.

Salamander Care

Garden Spaces

Shaded outdoor sitting areas in quiet garden ‘nooks’ to get away from it all.

Hippocrates Care

Aged Care Facility

Integrated courtyard spaces for sitting and meeting.

Aged Care Courtyard


Aged Care Garden.