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Art and integrated artistic design is integral to creating unique identifiable relevant public spaces.
People identify with place and relate to the history of a place. An artist or designer identifies the relationship of a place or built element, form or landscape character and communicates that relationship in a built form.
Most Local Councils have and art policy or a commitment to providing public art for community benefit.
Clever design is not simply placing stand alone sculptures or images but are integrated into the design for the space or built form.How well that is done is the key to the success of the project.

Pavement Motifs

Tallship Mast Motifs Along The Foreshore

Sails and masts echo the former tallships that docked along the foreshore an unloaded their goods.

Lake Cycleway

Water Based Cycleway Concepts

Concept proposals for a new cycleway extending over the Lake.

Harbour Square Art

Artworks by UAP

Public Domain artworks designed by UAP to symbolise ‘New Growth’ for Honeysuckle.

Nesca House Art

Former Electicity Headquarters

Distinctive feature lemenets hang in the light well using conductors and steel plant elements.

Angophora Reserve

Landcom Estate

Parks and landscaping for an Urban Growth NSW estate development.

RTA Projects

Charlestown By-Pass

Bridge forms, designs and integrated artworks form part of this urban road project.

Estate Art

Alternative Placemaking Elements

New Landcom Estate engages Mark McClelland + Artscape to place 6.0m high ‘fence post’ art elements along the rural frontage to the site.

Maritime Themes

Placemaking Elements

Streetscape elements within the Marina precinct provides distictive vertical poles turning to follow the wind direction.

Wickham Waterfront

Public Open Space Foreshore Node

Recognition of former shipworkers site along the foreshore promenade.

Northlakes Estate

New Residential Estate

Part of Newcastles planned growth area where artistic design.elements create place identity.

Retirement Living

Shade Structures & Garden Areas

Project specific designed garden and outdoor areas at Merewether.

Artwork Signage

Creative City Signage

Wayfinding works for the Newcastle rail corridor.


Charlestown By-Pass

Integrated design forms for the major infrastructure project.


Shade Structure Designs

Motifs identify the local character and shadow on the play area.

Heritage Parc

Cameron Park

Estate entry artwork

Billys Lookout

Lake Macquarie

Estate entry artwork