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Terras meticulously develops masterplans for a wide array of projects. Our landscape masterplans are grounded in a thorough understanding of existing site conditions, constraints, natural features, and development requirements. As integral members of the design team, landscape architects at Terras play a crucial role in maximizing opportunities and addressing site constraints from the outset.

Our professionals influence design solutions, enhancing environmental outcomes seamlessly and often without impeding development significantly. Terras adeptly navigates within the framework of current planning, environmental regulations, construction norms, and legislative standards. This ensures that our clients receive comprehensive support in aligning their projects with established controls and achieving successful outcomes


Urban Design

Planning concepts for a new urban town development


Landscape Masterplan

Environmental landscape works masterplan for large industrial sites

Urban Design

Planning Principles

Concept design principles and illustrative presentations.

Golf + Estate

Residential Golf Estate Master Plans

Integrated residential and and golf club facilities associated with golf courses.

Arcadia Estate Tamworth

Residential Estate – Tamworth

Master planned residential estate in Tamworth integrated the existing environmental watercourse and site features

Environmental Plans

Fauna Habitat Rehabilitation

Fauna Habitat Rehabilitation

Rural Estate

Rural Vineyard Estate

Residential and Tourist development masterplans.

Estate Masterplans

Residential Lots + Open Space

Complete integrated masterplan proposals.

Golf Estate

Fairway Frontage Residential

Architect designed residential designed around the golf couse fairways in this masterplan.

Site Analysis

Opportunities + Constraints

Site analysis determines development principles.

Integrated Design

Villa Development

Landscape Masterplan for villa development

Planning Principles

Land Analysis

Analysis of land patterns, features and natural resources form part of the masterpan.