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Environmental rehabilitation and Estate and subdivisions are required to meet an extensive list of planning requirements. Many are long term projects that have professional consultants working as a team to not only endertake the required investigations and planning controls but manage the vision for the estate both as a finacially viable project and as an environmentally designed place for living.

Terras have sucessfully works on many estates for many clients and continue to contribute to the development of these projects within extensive legislative and technical requirements.

Terras provide the design talent, technical knowledge, arboricultural, environmental and horticultural skills. We work with artists, indigenous owners, ecologists, social planners, bushfire consultants, engineers, historians, heritage architects, planners and people.

Planting Themes

Native Themes

Local species and planting selections for effect.


Terras Designs

High quality estate presentation.

Billy Lookout

Custon Entry Design and Landscape

Unique artworks for this estate.


Presentation Masterplans

Approvals and marketing masterplans.

Golf Estates

Golf Estate + Fairway Housing

Low key residential development.

Entry Features

Concept Elements

Creative ideas for estate identity.

Heritage Parc

Entry + Estate Landscape

Striking new entry feature using client initiated artwork sculpture for strong effect.

Entry Statements

Local Themes Create Identity

Integrated design using selected material palletes for a unified presentation.

Riparian Management

Watercourse Management Principles

Designs required to adopt design constraints and planning controls.

Parks + Open Space

Feature Elements

Solar lighting to entry wall statement based on estate masterplan themes.

Native Planting

Estate Landscape

Masterplanned planting designs.

Estate Entries

Native Bushland Restoration

Appreciation of natural environment.


Water Quality

Low maintenance stormwater swales using native planting.



Sales and display areas designed to complement the landscape and residential design.

Themed Rural Estates

Integrated Commercial + Rural Living

Themed estates based on rural farming and commercial tourism.