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Terras often works as part of a design team on infrasturcutre and industrial developments.

Projects include bridges, industrial sites, community access, walkways, retaining walls, highways, pumping stations, electrical sub stations, railways, visual impact screening, mine site rehabilitation, sound barriers and vegetative screens.

Structural forms and engineered structure can be designed as aesthetically pleasing elements without significant cost impliations creating distinctive design forms.

Charlestown Bypass

Structural Aesthetics

Improved outcomes for engineered structures.

Scone Waste

Rehabilitation Plans

Designs, presentations and technical construction details for rehabiltation works.

Charlestown Bypass

Detailed Design

Modifications to technical design to create identifiable urban elements.


Urban Design Planning

Creating liveable effective urban allowing room for landscapeand pedestrian access.

Watagan Park

Detailed Design

Simple elements can contribute to the visual appearance of an area.

NGIG Coal Loader

Landscape Masterplans

Large scale landscape works for industrial rehabilitation.

Kings Park

Former Landfill Sites

Capping and water management integrated into the new sporting fields design.


Planning Principles

Large scale urban masterplans.

Glendale Interchange

Planning for Mainstreets

Influencing infrastructure planning.


Design Concepts and Marketing

Large and small scape masterplanning ideas.

ASH Island Wetlands


Assessment of sites for new large scale habitats in industrial areas.

Charlestown Bypass

Sounds Barrier

Creating local identity.

Red Bluff Cycleway

Elevated Cycleway Concepts

Suggestions for a new cycleway over the lake.

NPWS Yuelerbah

Walking Tracks

Extensive walking trails and walkways.

Marmong Point

Foreshore Landscape

Design themes and landscape works for new foreshore area.

Charlestown Bypass

Combination of Materials and Forms

Bridge forms complemented with security screens and lighting to create a design aesthetic.

The Bogey Hole

Access Provision

New access stairs on an exposed site.