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Urban Design takes into account the unique qualities of a location and plans to create a pleasant and harmonious living environment for peoples experience and enjoyment through quality in collaborative design.

The planning process creates the frameworks for buildings, groups of building space and landscape.

Landscape Architects collaborate with other professionals to ensure that these spaces are well designed to provide for a quality environment.

Harbour Square

Foreshore Public Promenade

Part of the revitalisation of the derelict harbour foreshore. Linked to the civic axis and engaging people

Public Domain

Public Access + Enjoyment

Foreshore promenade and public open space associated with the adjoining Maritime Centre.

Town Axis

City Axis Design Aligned to Memorial Park

Strong visual connections and view corridors.

Former Shipwright

Waterfront Development

Public open space forms a node at the bridge and traffic intersection. Shipwright heritage in art reference.

Public Open Space

Outdoor Entertaining Areas

Extensive high quality open spae areas conform to design guidelines to ensure consistent outcomes.


New City Proposal

Masterplan concepts for a new regional town.

Foreshore Spaces

Materials and Finishes

Material palette selected to complement each other as an integrated design.

Mainstreet Program

Streetscape Improvements

Integration of dining and cafe areas with the public domain.

Streetscape Concert

Townscape Elements

Provising the space for public use and landscape within new proposals.

Planning Principles

Visual and Character Analysis

Identification of principal design nodes

Planning Principles

Visual and Character Analysis

Site Assessment & Design Princples


Build Forms

Collaborative design.


Public Foreshore Areas

Concepts for new foreshore promenades and parks.



Landscape concepts.

Shadows Past

Heritage References

Shadows of the former tallships fall across the footways.


Site Analysis Diagrams

Establishment of design principles.