Child Care Centres

Gardens & Landscape

Terras undertake design for many child care centres and work with current standards and regulations specific to this category of project.

Each centre and each client has individual needs, we design to accomodate the clients needs, the best play experience for children in a safe environment for both creative play and active play.

St Nicholas Cardiff Child Care Centre

Inside Outside Play

A large internal play area with open roof providing a themed free play experience in a safe environment.


Small Local Child Care Play Space

Creative pay area integrated with the building spaces.


Extensive Outdoor Play and Activity Area

Extensive play areas in shade and sun, separated areas and multiple creative play elements

Floraville Public School

Childrens Creative Play Concepts

Preliminary concept design for outdoor nature play.

St Nicholas Care Centre

Creative Play Concept Design

Show the type pf design concepts we prepare for projects for client approval .