The Outlook Estate


The Outlook Heritage Park was designed by Terras Landscape Architects in conjunction with Peter Townsend from the Awabakal Local Aboriginal Land Council and the Awabakal Peoples.

Terras designed the site to take advantage of the expansive views across the wetlands, to provide a meeting place for the local community, a play area and a site that references the Aboriginal heritage of the Awabakal Local Aboriginal Land Council people.

The site includes heritage information signage to educate people of the Awabakal history and the local site characteristics. The string stylised forms are attractive and allow the play areas to be integrated with the heritage references to make the users more aware of the site significance.

The main structure is formed from Coreten steel a highly durable material supported in the air to represent the local eagle. The steel roof weighs more than 10 tonnes and is supported on ‘reed’ like posts adopted from the wetland reed forms. The Awabakal Local Aboriginal Land Council word for eagleahawk is ‘Wirripang’ and is the totem and the spiritual symbol of the Awabakal peoples. The design is based on the use of animal forms and local maps to create the snake path, the bird wing shade structure and the fighting shield.