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Terras Landscape Architects bring their expertise to commercial development projects, enriching the built environment with thoughtful design solutions. We begin by assessing the site, considering factors such as topography, climate, and existing vegetation. Collaborating closely with architects and other professionals, landscape architects contribute to the creation of cohesive and functional outdoor spaces that complement the commercial structures. This involves designing pedestrian-friendly areas, and aesthetically pleasing green spaces. Sustainable practices, such as water management and energy-efficient landscaping, are often integrated to enhance environmental responsibility.

By combining artistic flair with technical expertise, Terras Landscape Architects play a crucial role in enhancing the overall appeal, functionality, and sustainability of commercial development projects, creating spaces that contribute positively to the user experience and community at large.

Public Domain

Pedestrian and Public Open Space

Designs for the use of public spaces.


Landscape for Development Projects

From concept to construction.

Public Open Space

Complete Intergated Solutions

Public open space, active recreation, built form and stormwater flooding management.


Pedestrian Nodes

Unique identifiable places.


External Works Design for Planning

Creating the spaces, providing the foundations for future open space.

Gosford ATO

Community Courtyard Area

Community heritage reference courtyard area associated with new ATO and School of Arts

Roof Gardens

Residential Apartment Private Podium

Common central garden area and covered walkway.

Marketing Strategies

Presentation and Marketing

Designs and solutions.


Outdoor Function Areas

Visitors and business functions, presentations.

Corporate Image

Architect Designed Building Landscape

Contributions to the buit forms.

Marina Foreshore

Promenade and Theming

Lake and foreshore.

Tourist Facilities

Relaxing Tropical Landscape Character

800 meters of continuous pool and landscape fronting the tourist accommodation.

Townscape Identity

Mainstreet Programs

Identities for small towns.

Apartment Complex

Promenade and Theming

Lake and foreshore.

Trinity Point Marina

Resort & Marina

New high quality marina and resort.